Southbrook Vineyards – Environmentally-Sustainable Wine Making!

Southbrook Vineyards- Environmentally-Sustainable Wine Making!

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A big shoutout to our friends Southbrook Vineyards. They are pushing the envelope here in Canada for wine made completely through environmentally-sustainable practices.

We visited them last summer in Niagara-on-the-lake to see it first-hand! They are the only certified organic and biodynamic (meaning balance with nature) vineyard/winery in Ontario!

Their amazing practices include:

  1. No chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

  2. Only organic, non-GMO crops.

  3. Building is LEED certified gold (for energy efficiency and environmental building design) – they constructed their building to take advantage of natural sunlight to warm the building in the mornings; have a reflective water pool to cool the building during the hot midday; have low-flow water fixtures inside the building (and the list goes on!).

  4. Use sheep to graze the property, rather than mechanically cutting the grass.

  5. Use sheep’s manure to fertilize the vines

  6. Rely on bees to pollinate the vineyard and they harvest honey from them. 



We highly recommend visiting Southbrook Vineyards if you are taking a trip up to wine country this summer. And, we can’t forget that their wines were delicious too! Cheers to sustainable viticulture and viniculture!

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