Exciting News


Exciting News

Blog post by Asha Suppiah, Co-founder of Water Well-ness Project – Get free updates of new blog posts here.


We are so thrilled to announce that we have reached our $50,000 goal for our first project through our H2O Investments Program. Thank you so so much for all of your support! Because of people like you we are able to provide water and sanitation facilities to at least 3000 people and impact up to 8000 people through our Microfinance program. Through any other traditional donation program $50,000, would only impact 1300 people.** We noticed that there are still many people who have expressed their interest in investing, however have not invested yet. So because of the overwhelming interest in our program we are going to accept investments until March 22nd 2017 which is World Water Day 2017. So if you want to ensure you have a spot in our historical first round of investments make sure you make your investment by March 22nd!

If you are interested in investing: www.waterwellnessproject.ca/h2oinvestments


**As you know H2O Investments helps lift people out of poverty by giving them Microfinance loans. These borrowers pay back these loans in monthly installments over a 17 month period. We are able to help far more people than the traditional donation model that most other water charities use because as borrowers repay loans every month, the money is reinvested into other families. This is how our first project will impact up to 8000 people! Other Donation Models would be able to help 1312 people with $50,000 CDN (estimates below given by other water charities): Toilets: $80/person Water Projects: $25/person 

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