A Crappy Campaign for the Holidays

A Crappy Campaign for the Holidays


Coloured Toilet


Did you know that 40% of the world doesn’t have access to one of the most basic needs in life, a TOILET! It is really hard to imagine, but it is true. In India alone, 2/3 of the population has to defecate out in the open. Why should relieving oneself come with an audience?

For the 2014 winter holiday season, we made it our mission to help change this situation. By purchasing a holiday gift from our website, individuals could also give the gift of dignity and health – a toilet – to families in India! Water Well-ness Project will be implementing these toilets in the next round of our water and sanitation projects in Summer 2015.

With your support, we raised enough money to implement 10 TOILETS. A huge thank you to all those who supported this fun campaign. Everyone who has participated will get EXCLUSIVE access to photos and updates as the project progresses next year! 


Join us to help create a better world