Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Water Well-ness Project (WWP) takes monitoring and due-diligence very seriously as part of our responsibility to both our lenders here in Canada and our borrowers in India. 

Choosing Microfinance Field Partners

We thoroughly research any organization we partner with and we take our due diligence very seriously. Working with field partners ensures the sustainability of the WATSAN facilities as well as increases the likelihood of repayment from borrowers in India. When choosing a Microfinance Field Partner we look for the following:
  1. Do they have experience as a Microfinance Organization giving loans for Water and Sanitation Facilities?
  2. How effective is their Management?
  3. They must provide us with a detailed plan on how they disburse funds to families in need. Are they educating borrower?
  4. What is their practice to ensure repayment from Indian Borrowers? Is it ethical? What is their rate of repayment?
  5. What other organization do they work with?
  6. Are they part or any Microfinance Regulatory Networks?
  7. We visit our Microfinance Field Partners offices and go to the field and talk to previous recipients of Microfinance loans.
Our list of Microfinance Field Partners is continually growing but please note we can not accommodate requests for your money to be transferred to a specific Microfinance Field Partner.

Promoting Easy Communication with Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns about any aspect of our organization and programs.  You can do this easily by clicking here.