What is Water Well-ness Project?

What is Water Well-ness Project 


Water Well-ness Project (WWP) is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization. We believe that all people should have access to clean water and adequate sanitation – the most basic human needs. Imagine living without clean water to drink or bathe in? What would life be like without a toilet? What will happen if we continue polluting our lakes and rivers and draining our underground reservoirs? We work to address these issues head on.


WWP sees philanthropy differently

Philanthropy isn’t just about giving other people what they need. It is about empowering others to gain tools and knowledge to create better lives. Immediate interests must be balanced with a thorough reflection on what is needed in the long-term. This is also true when considering the practice of philanthropy. Most charitable organizations rely on the generosity of donors. But with so many organizations vying for your attention, you probably feel bombarded and maybe even frustrated with so many requests to donate. Charitable giving must become more sustainable. How? At Water Well-ness Project, we ask the question, “Why does philanthropy have to be purely selfless?” Why not give socially-minded people a better way to do good with their money. Find out more here.

Our goals are to:

  1. Help international communities in need gain access to clean water and sanitation infrastructures through our sustainable and socially-conscious program H2O Investments.

  2. Bring attention to the global water and sanitation crisis, the need for water conservation and protection, and the reasons why caring about water transforms every person’s life for the better.

Our activities include:

• Collaborating with local and international groups to carry out water/sanitation projects through our H2O Investments program.

• Hosting events to support our goals.

• Providing education through our blog, social media, newsletters, our website, events, and keynote speaking.


Join us to help create a better world