Want to help take poo to the loo this…

Want to help take poo to the loo this holiday?

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You can’t deny that the holidays are a time for giving. Whether you give to your family, a local charity or an international cause, in our eyes, all giving is good giving! Every holiday season, charitable groups are out in full swing campaigning for your donation. In fact, many organizations bring in a significant portion of their year’s funding at this time of the year.

But the reality is that all campaigns are not created equal. At Water Well-ness Project, we wanted to say ‘no more’ to run-of-the-mill holiday campaigns and instead offer something different!

So we are asking, why not take part in A Crappy Campaign for the Holidays – it is OBVIOUSLY the better choice! How can something that is called ‘crappy’ not be amazing, right?

Why is it Crappy?

A Crappy Campaign is to support the implementation of toilets in India in Summer 2015 with Water Well-ness Project. You probably never would have thought about giving a toilet as a gift this holiday season. But, for the 2.5 billion people (yes billion!) across the world that don’t have access to a proper toilet, this gift is life-changing – it brings greater health, dignity, safety, and equality.

In India specifically, ⅔ of the population does not have adequate toilet facilities. Without toilets, women and girls are in danger of sexual assault when relieving themselves out in forests and open fields. Also, teenage girls are less likely to stay in school because they do not get the privacy they need. We are constipated with concern over this situation! Aren’t you?

How the campaign works

So, scratch someone off your list when you purchase one of our great holiday gifts (including Starbucks gift cards, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics products, wine from Southbrook Vineyards of Niagara-on-the-Lake, iPad Minis, chocolate assortments from Purdy’s) and at the same time help families in India gain access to toilets.

You can feel good about giving these gifts because they are all made by water-conscious companies who keep sustainability and the environment in mind. From November 19th World Toilet Day 2014 until December 10th, help take poo to the loo with Water Well-ness Project. You will receive your gifts in time for December 25th.

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